"Le Vitrailloscope" project was awarded by the City of Lyon with the PRODIJ award!

Erasmus Mundus Sustainable eTourism was partner with the project "Le Vitrailloscope” which received the PRODIJ award in the field of new technologies given by the city of Lyon during the European Heritage Days 2012.

  The aim is to offer “Le Vitrailloscope” project during visits of a church (St. Andrew Church in Lyon, 3rd district) with a Touch Pad, and to discover the stained glass with videos stored on the Touch Pad. The project was carried out from the original idea to the presentation to the public between July 2011 and September 2012 and was co-funded by the City of Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes Region.
Students of Erasmus Mundus Sustainable eTourism in Lyon (S. Wicha, L. Xuedong) developed Android apps on a tablet, which asks the visitor to click on the details extracted from the stained glass he/she selected. Each thumbnail of this screen corresponds to a particular stained glass (a vignette corresponds to stained glass n°1, another vignette to stained glass n°2, etc.).

The visit focuses on six stained glasses in the main church of St. Andrew, which are:

• E. Bégule et L. Balmet, La Nativité
• E. Bégule et L. Balmet, Jésus-enfant prêchant au Temple
• E. Bégule et L. Balmet, Le Discours sur la Montagne
• E. Bégule et L. Balmet, La Sainte Cène
• E. Bégule et L. Balmet, La Crucifixion
• E. Bégule et L. Balmet, La Résurrection

Each stained glass is explained by five videos, bringing a total of thirty videos. These five videos per stained glass correspond to the five following areas:
• Explanation of a detail;
• Composition of the stained glass;
• Role of Jesus Christ;
• Identity of characters;
• Colors used.




The experience was extremely rewarding and visitors were overwhelmed by the project, whether to improve the project in its current form (interface, rich content, etc..) or adapt it to other sites (religious or not). The project has also established a global interest in the city of Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes Region.


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